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We Are Baseline Media.

Our Mission

Baseline Media was created to bring back the hype around local sports. We are here to support local athletics programs and help them gain engagement in person and online. We look to create an everlasting brand for teams to continue their legacy. We support athletes and provide them with the resources they need to gain recognition and exposure in the sports world.

What We Do

Content Creation & Social Media Marketing

We offer in game photo and video services provided by our talented media team as well as graphic design and video edits. We are then able to use the content on social media to begin building your refined brand.



Past & Present

Clients are always at the forefront of our work, which is why we form a personal and meaningful partnership with everyone we work with.  Below are the logos of many teams, schools, and organizations that we have had the pleasure to work with.

Avenues Black_White.png

Why Baseline?

We live in a rapidly evolving sports world with an increased opportunity to gain exposure through social media. With NIL on the rise, athletes at all levels are able to make money off of their name, image, and likeness, and your social media following has the ability to open doors to exiting new brand deals. We are committed to using social media to create opportunities for our clients. The love of local sports in New York City has declined during the pandemic. Social media has the power to bring that back, we love working with various high school, college and semi-pro local teams to bring attention back to their games. We believe in the power of social media and we want to work with you today!

Athlete Spotlight

Logan DuWors

Logan is a extremely talented basketball player. He is currently a Junior at Xavier High School and  is the starting shooting guard on their Varsity Basketball team. Above on the left is a graphic we made for Logan and on the right is a video we made for his social media. His instagram is @Logan_Duwors.

Contact us

To get in touch with us about our services, please email or DM us on Instagram @Baselinesportsmedia

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